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A feed optimisation program for all animal feed groups,
the program is designed using all the latest principles to ensure the user the
quickest and most user-friendly system far into the future. The program is
developed in co-operation with the foodstuff branch, farmers, consultants and
veterinary experts to handle wet feeds, dry feeds, additives and premixes – all
types of feed recipes can be optimised. The program has an almost limitless data
capacity while retaining it user-friendliness because of its speed and
flexibility. It always calculates the cheapest recipes from the demands placed
upon it.

AgroSoft WinOpti can give you the following

  • Feed optimisation with demands and limits on raw
    materials and nutrients.
  • Feed calculation of the contents of each recipe as well
    and print or display of the mixing instructions.
  • Display of limitations if there is no possible solution.
  • Shadow prices on raw materials and nutrients.
  • Formula for automatic calculation of nutrient contents
    for raw materials.
  • Demands and limits on % of kg, energy, dry matter and
    total content.
  • Demands and limits on group totals of raw materials and
  • Demands and limits on relationships between raw materials
    or nutrients.
  • OLE2 integration that allows others programs in the
    Windows environment
  • Product optimisation ensures that the raw materials are
    always included in amounts that can be processed by the mixing equipment.
  • Batch optimisation quickly optimise all the recipes in a
    group, at any time.
  • Multi – optimisation of all feed recipes in one go for
    more effective use of the available raw materials and can also be used to ensure
    the most optimal purchasing of raw- and finish produced- materials need to
    supplement your recipes.
  • A standard import/export function for easy data

AgroSoft WinOpti is designed in modules that can be
combined to meet each users requirements. AgroSoft develop all of their software
continually ensuring that at any time it can satisfy the requirements of the
modern computer user.

With AgroSoft WinOpti the user can decide which windows
they require to be active and where on the screen they should be placed. Using
the “short-cut” icons the program makes it quick and easy to choose the required
function. Registration of data can be done quickly and easily, ensuring minimal
data-entry errors. To ensure a complete overview the nutrients can be divided
into different groups for different requirements, i.e. animal feed groups.

WinOpti contains an unlimited database for raw materials
and nutrients. If the system is open to multiple users via a network, for
example feed consultants or employees, each modification in recipes or raw
materials will be registered with a user ID and the date and time of the change.
To quickly find a required raw material or recipe the program contains an
effective search function that works on names or code numbers.

AgroSoft WinOpti gives the user the possibility from the
recipe database to work with all the information and demands that are necessary
to create an optimal solution. To make recipes clearer it is possible via the
recipe control to work with a single raw material or nutrient across a group of
recipes. Integration of AgroSoft WinOpti to manufacturing systems and economy
programs increases the ease and security of your data processing. By placing the
cursor anyway on the optimisation result you can modify a parameter and see an
immediate calculation of the consequences of that change. AgroSoft WinOpti
contains a graphical price and demand analysis that effectively shows the
changes in a recipes content. By using a simple “point and click” the graph can
show you everything from the individual raw materials in a recipe to a complete
optimisation result.