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WinPig.Net is the new management system from AgroSoft. This program has been developed in co-operation with pork producers, consultants and veterinary experts.

It is based on more than 25 years of experience and has kept its predecessor’s well-known user-friendliness but has added a number of new and exciting functions and analysis to it. WinPig.Net can be used by all pork producers all over the world. From Breeders and Multipliers who are linked up to breeding companies, to the producer with one barn with a wean to finish system,
to the very large companies with many productions sites. WinPig.Net is under constant development to match the changing requirements of the modern pork producer.

A selection of the possibilities in the program:

  • Integrated program to Sows, Piglets and Finisher Pigs.
  • Developed for planning, control, simulation and analysis.
  • The program is developed in co-operation with pig producers, consultants and veterinary experts.
  • Enhanced analysis with in-depth graphs. 
  • Integrated with Hand-held devices, Transponder Feeders, and Feed Computers.
  • Can be individually shaped to the user’s own wishes and work routines. 
  • In-depth information and drill-down on numbers and calculations, making it possible to see the formulas behind the individual figures in the analysis and from there down to individual animals.
  • Contains almost all possible combinations of printouts of control lists, sow cards, farm lists, week cards, check lists, etc.
  • Action-lists for sows and boars controlled by the users own wishes.
  • Contains health and farm analysis modules with parity distribution of key figures